Dickieandbabe (dickieandbabe) wrote in threesecondhead,

A situation that had veered out of control

Republicans close to the White House said the speech was an attempt to seize the initiative in a situation that had veered out of control during the president's August working vacation at his Texas ranch.

Tonight a White House official said that Mr. Bush would use the speech to talk about the need for more international troops in Iraq, but that he would not specifically address the cost of the war or when American troops would come home.

Mr. McClellan said Mr. Bush had first raised the possibility of a national address with his staff during his trip last week to St. Louis, where he delivered a speech in which he called the continuing fighting in Iraq a critical moment in the campaign against terrorism.

"During August the president spent a considerable amount of time talking to his national security team and military leaders about our ongoing efforts on the war on terrorism and making assessments about our needs," Mr. McClellan said. "So the president has been assessing our needs and looking at what's needed going forward."

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